Analytical Group Leader


  • Be responsible for daily work of analytical department, such as method development and purification and quality control, and instruct the analysts to complete the job smoothly, good trouble-shooting skills.
  • Coordinate the resources of personnel and instruments, to ensure that the projects be completed with guaranteed quality and in time.
  • Instrument management of the instruments in the analytical department, including the instruments qualification, usage, maintenance and services to ensure that all the instruments used are in good condition.
  • Conduct the training to the analysts on technical skills.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other teams internally to ensure all the projects are completed as planned.
  • Provide feedback to the upper management for future development plan and resource requirement.
  • Periodically provide Work Summary report and responsible for evaluation of the staff.
  • Continuous improvement in work, cost control management and improve work efficiency.


  • Bachelor/Master/PhD degree, major in Pharmacy, Chemistry or Analytical Chemistry or related majors.
  • More than 8 years of working experience Bachelor, more than 5 years of working experience Master, or more than 3 years of working experience PhD, in Pharmaceutical analysis, purification or other related experience;more than 2-3 years of management experience, team size >10.
  • Have strong management, coordination and communication skills. Knowledgeable in pharmaceutical analysis and purification, chemistry, and other relevant fields.
  • The ability of English on listening, speaking and reading can basically meet the communication requirements. Can summarize and report the work clearly.
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