Associate Scientist, Scientist

Job Description

We are seeking a motivated scientist in areas of protein design and production. A successful candidate should play key roles in target validation and protein design and production, hit identification, hit validation by biophysical method.

Major Responsibilities

  • design, express/purify, and characterize proteins of therapeutic interest.
  • perform SPR or other biophysical assay to characterize protein-ligand, protein-protein interactions.
  • protein crystallization and X-ray.

Minimum Requirements

  • MS or BS (or relevant experience) in protein chemistry, biochemistry, enzymology or biophysics with 2-3 years of drug discovery experience. Experience in pharmaceutical or biotech company is preferred.
  • Solid knowledge and experience in expression vector construction, multiple protein expression systems and various purification techniques.
  • Expertise in biophysical techniques including SEC-MALS, SPR, ITC and TSA, etc.
  • Experience working in new directions, building new platforms or bringing in new methods/technologies in protein science.
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