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Step beyond traditional workflows and into the integrated drug discovery of the future with our AI and physics-based platform.

Expand your potential, redefine your possibilities, and streamline your path to success by making TandemAI part of your team today.

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New drug discovery technologies are being leveraged all the time, but what if there was a way to streamline these advancements and bring everyone the tools to unlock limitless research possibilities?
TandemAI’s revolutionary platform seamlessly combines the power of our proprietary algorithms driven by physics-based and AI approaches with wet lab experimentation into a workspace tailored for user-friendly collaboration and fully integrated drug discovery.
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Available as a pure, FTE-based pricing model that combines wet-lab services with complimentary access to our AI and computational tools or as a stand-alone software license (SaaS), our platform redefines the drug discovery process and enables any team to accelerate their research with the latest technology.
Partner with TandemAI to open a world of opportunity not accessible with traditional wet lab or physics-based and AI drug discovery alone.

TandemViz: Empower your team with integrated drug discovery

Harness the power of cutting-edge physics-based and AI drug discovery tools, whether you’re an expert or new to computational chemistry, with TandemViz.
Create, manage, and share your drug discovery research pipelines in one user-friendly, cloud-based workspace, collaborating effortlessly with your own team, external partners, and our team of experts.
Enabling the unique workflow your project needs, from advanced computational tools to managing wet lab experiments and streamlining analyses, has never been simpler.
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Reimagining drug discovery

At TandemAI, we set out to reimagine the drug discovery process — but we won’t stop there. We are continually expanding, improving, and refining our offerings, committed to providing premium wet lab services, state-of-the-art algorithms, and unbeatable supportive partnerships that enable the future of drug discovery.
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