TandemViz: Next Generation Discovery Platform

Empower your team with an intuitive interface that integrates access to battle-tested physics-based and AI in-silico drug design software with tools to streamline, manage, and analyze wet lab results.

Empower your team with an intuitive interface that integrates access to battle-tested physics-based and AI in-silico drug design software with tools to streamline, manage, and analyze wet lab results.
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Harness the power of next-generation drug discovery


Create, access, and share your combined proprietary in silico drug design software and world-class wet lab experimentation workflows in a single web-accessed portal.


Reimagine what’s possible with the next generation of drug discovery software, continually updated with advancing technology to keep you at the cutting edge of innovation.


With user-friendly access to industry-leading physics-based and AI drug discovery tools, you can discover more — faster — no matter your team’s experience.

Our data management tools

Track progress in real-time

Eliminate the wait for meetings with a live, on-demand view of all ligands currently in progress within the wet lab in TandemQueue. Easily access an overview, add notes, and adjust the priority of compounds queued for synthesis.

Leverage custom project fields

TandemVault is only coming in early 2025. I wonder if we could instead talk about another topic related to data management?

Leverage custom project fields.

Harness the power to import a myriad of data types—including custom descriptors, experimental data, and synthesis information—directly into your projects using TandemViz's custom field feature.

Our platform supports multiple formats and data sources, allowing you to integrate diverse information seamlessly. Connect directly to external data repositories, enabling you to tap into a vast array of resources for your research needs.

Learn more about our data management tools

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Ready to explore the drug discovery tools available through TandemViz?

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Share simply, store securely

Share simply, store securely

While our cloud-based design makes sharing your data and analysis as simple as sharing a link, we understand that safeguarding your data is paramount.

TandemViz is fully secured with industry-standard encryption protocols, customizable access controls, and two-factor authentication, so you can be confident that your data has end-to-end protection during transmission and storage.

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Empower your team with state-of-the-art in silico drug design software

Track all your dry lab and wet lab data, make side-by-side comparisons, and access next-generation drug discovery services and tools with ease. TandemViz makes advanced computational techniques accessible to expert and novice users alike with its flexible and intuitive interface, enabling your whole team to step into the future of drug discovery.

View the latest release notes for TandemViz to explore all the new features and improvements we've introduced in each update:

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Choose the TandemViz enabled service that works best for your team

Available by FTE, where you pay for wet lab services and gain complimentary access to our proprietary computational tools or software license (SaaS), with optional GPU services, virtual private cloud (VPC) deployment, and expert application support.

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Yes! TandemViz is available through a range of licensing options to suit your team’s needs, including traditional FTE pricing and software as a service (SaaS).
All of them! We are committed to bringing you a fully integrated drug discovery experience with no hidden costs. One fixed-price TandemViz license gives you access to all the TandemViz modules.
Yes! TandemViz is available on our secure TandemCloud or through our experienced virtual private cloud (VPC) deployment.
Computational drug discovery aids in hit/lead optimization by using molecular modeling and simulations to predict how modifications to chemical structures affect the properties of a compound, including potency, selectivity, and pharmacokinetics. This approach allows researchers to refine compounds in silico, enhancing their efficacy and safety profiles before advancing to costly experimental validation.