TandemAI is a pioneering technology company with a dedicated mission to transform global drug discovery with advanced AI and physics-based technologies while making it accessible to all.

We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge AI-driven technologies and physics-based computational methods. Bolstered by in-house high-performance computation resources and extensive wet lab operations, TandemAI delivers an all-encompassing, ready-to-use solution for drug discovery. 
TandemAI’s next-generation, cloud-enabled, data-centric, browser-based user interface, known as TandemViz, facilitates easy access to high-performance computation and streamlined data consolidation for drug discovery projects. Our strategic vision aims to accelerate your drug discovery processes, providing both our partners and the global scientific community with cost-effective opportunities.

Our Vision

Reimagine drug discovery infrastructures, democratize advanced computation

We are dedicated to making the most advanced computational technologies accessible, offering streamlined pricing options, innovative graphical interface, expert user support, and a commitment to continual technological advancement for our clients' ultimate benefit.


TandemAI proudly serves a diverse and expanding roster of over 80 clients worldwide.


TandemAI boasts a global presence with over 350 employees who are integral to our mission and success in reimagining drug discovery infrastructures through advanced technology.


The proud home to over 50 top-tier AI and computational chemistry scientists, TandemAI continuously push the technological frontier.

Interested in working with TandemAI’s team of cutting-edge first principle physics, AI, and supercomputing to reimagine infrastructures for drug discovery?

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