Biological Assays and Services

Boost your drug discovery project and propel your target-to-lead process with our high quality biological services, backed by a rigorous and earnest approach to science.

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Protein production

TandemAI excels in producing a wide array of target classes, including isoforms and mutants, swiftly and with high purity and quality that fulfill the stringent requirements of biological assays or structure determination. Our expertise extends to tackling difficult-to-express proteins, providing a significant advantage for your FIC drug discovery projects.

Expression system

E. coli system
Insect cell system
Mammalian system

Biochemical assays

TandemAI is renowned for its expertise in biochemical assay development, encompassing a variety of assays such as enzymatic, fluorescence-based binding, and MS-based assays. Our project execution is highly efficient, adhering to strict criteria, with a turnaround time for routine assays typically within one day, ensuring rapid progress in your drug discovery endeavors.


Enzymatic assay

Cell-based assays

TandemAI propels your research forward by developing robust, tailor-made, and cost-effective cell-based assays. Our team of seasoned biologists will assist you in designing and executing sensible cell-based assays to validate the functionality of your candidates.

Beyond the classical luminescent-based assays, TandemAI boasts capabilities in flow cytometry, in-cell western, high content analysis, and membrane permeability analysis, ensuring a comprehensive suite of services for your research needs.


Biophysical assays

TandemAI equips your drug discovery endeavors with state-of-the-art biophysical instruments, ensuring access to the latest advancements in the field. Biophysical assays are increasingly vital

Biophysical assays are increasingly vital, offering indispensable insights into the interactions between potential drug candidates and their target molecules.

TandemAI not only provides classical SPR and ITC but also offers innovative fluorescence-based DSF assays, dynamic light scattering assays, and the unique-niched switch-sensor technique, setting a new standard in drug discovery solutions.


Structural biology

TandemAI delivers crucial structure-activity relationship insights through X-ray crystallography, streamlining your Hit-to-Lead or Lead optimization journey.

Our experts collaborate closely with you to overcome the challenges of target structure determination, crafting tailored solutions for your project. 

With our automated procedures, we promise to deliver high-quality structures within 2 months, featuring clear electronic density and accurately positioned ligands, to expedite your research progress.


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Choose the biological assays service that works best for your team

Available by FTE, flexible FTE, and FFS

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Computational methods are becoming increasingly integral to drug discovery, complementing and enhancing traditional experimental approaches such as target validation, virtual screening, molecular modeling, and drug repurposing. At TandemAI, we understand that biological and computational drug discovery are mutually reinforcing. Our biology services provide essential validation data that enrich our computational predictions, offering our clients an accurate and efficient end-to-end drug discovery solution.
Every assay method has its advantages and disadvantages, leading to results that can be consistent or varied. TandemAI biologists possess a profound understanding of popular industry techniques and can assist in tailoring suitable, cost-effective, and time-efficient assays for any stage of your drug discovery process.
As the pharmaceutical industry progresses, the quest to discover drugs for complex targets gains paramount importance. Many novel target pipelines face bottlenecks due to the absence of robust assays for screening or validating candidates. TandemAI's biologists excel in crafting assays for such challenging targets, assays that have not been previously established. Our expertise has empowered numerous clients to advance their pipelines and secure esteemed reputations in the industry.
TandemAI's biology platform presents a spectrum of collaborative contract options tailored to our customers' needs, including Fee-for-Service (FFS), Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), and comprehensive outsourcing management. Our flexible FTE mode is particularly customer-centric, offering billing based on actual workloads for customized engagement. Moreover, we provide integrated services in conjunction with our Chemistry or Computational divisions, meticulously designed to fulfill specific project demands. For our academic partners, we embrace cooperative development initiatives, fostering a shared journey towards breakthrough achievements.