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Chemical Associate Director / Director / Senior Director

About The Role

We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled leader with strong FTE chemistry management background. This incumbent will lead at least 30+ FTE chemistry teams in Suzhou, China. The ideal candidate is an experienced and proven senior FTE chemist leader with 10+ years’ experience in industrial settings.


Lead a group to execute research projects well, to build and maintain positive relationship with collaborators by providing on-time and high-quality delivery and proactive communications.

Analyze screening data, perform literature reviews, design, propose, and execute medicinal chemistry plans, coordinate chemistry and biology data to support compound progression and patent strategies; Effective management of resource allocation and utilization.

Serve as a scientific expert in medicinal chemistry and provide recommendations regarding new targets and emerging external opportunities;

Set up the scientific and operational goal and SOP for the projects assigned; manage and coach Group Leaders and bench scientists; manage resources and control the cost effectively.

Ensure optimal interaction/communication and provide updates on project status to the client.

Recruit, train and coach key members of the team. Maintain positive morale in the team by setting objective, performance management and people management.

As a member of the company’s Sr. Management team, play an active and important role in building and maintaining the company culture, the company’s reputation in the industry by participating internal and external communication events.


Ph.D or Master Degree in synthetic organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry with more than 5-10 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and more than 3-5 years management experience.

Successful track record in medicinal chemistry with extensive patent and publication records.

Broad experience and proven accomplishments in a field of Medicinal Chemistry, preferably in one or more fields of oncology, immunology and virology, with operational skills for managing discovery programs at the level of a team leader and a proven track record of delivering clinical candidates is much desirable.

Ability to operate within aggressive timelines.

Deep understanding of the pharmaceutical R&D process.

Strategic thinker with the ability to manage a fast-growing understanding of the

Flexible and innovative problem solver

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