Chemical (Sr.) Scientist


We are seeking a motivated scientist in the area of Chemical Science as a key member of TandemAI’s high-level chemical R&D team, responsible for TandemAI Shanghai/Suzhou R&D Center. Independently develop and optimize the process synthesis of new compounds from milligrams to kilograms.


  • Participate in synthetic route design, carry out target synthesis  and analyze synthesis results.
  • Familiar with analytical instruments, including LCMS, HPLC, NMR, SFC, etc.,. and able to analyze analytical data.
  • Able to write electronic lab notebook and final compound report in English.
  • Develop sound mechanistic understanding of observed experimental results.


  • Bachelor/Master/PhD in Organic Chemistry or Medicinal chemistry
  • Highly skilled synthetic chemist with the ability of design and conduction of organic experiment
  • Skilled in operation of all kinds of instruments and apparatus in organic chemistry lab
  • Strong knowledge of techniques related to purification and characterization of organic compounds
  • Skilled in literature searching about organic and medicinal chemistry.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, devotion, innovation and team work.
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