Physics-Based Molecular Simulation

Nobel laureate Richard Feynman said, “All things are made of atoms, and everything that living things do can be understood in terms of the jigglings and wigglings of atoms.” At TandemAI, we’re modelling these jigglings and wigglings of atoms through our physics-based molecular simulations—what can be thought of as a powerful computational microscope enabling us to track individual atoms and molecules as a function of time.

Insight in Motion

In the world of advanced early stage drug discovery, seeing is believing. Our physics-based molecular simulations allow us to see how drugs dynamically interact with protein atoms. In this way, we enable our clients to move beyond basic understanding of static interactions to develop insights derived from an analysis of atomic motions.

TandemAI’s physics-based molecular simulations, unlike machine learning approaches, do not require previously generated training data to drive insights. Our analysis of interactions at the atomic level provides the detailed, fundamental rationale required to help our clients design novel, safe and effective drugs.