TandemViz – The Next Generation Collaborative Tool for Drug Discovery

TandemViz™ 1.0 is our proprietary web-based platform that provides our drug discovery clients with a user-friendly and collaborative graphical interface to TandemAI’s suite of computational tools. The platform, which can be accessed from anywhere through a web browser without the need to install any software locally, allows the seamless integration and visualization of experimental data alongside computational analyses.

“The Viz interface, with integrated force field reparameterization and detailed simulation visualization, has been instrumental in providing computational insights into how well small molecules are binding to our targets.”

Yax Sun, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CTO, QuantX Biosciences

Our workflow includes modules for protein-small molecule pose generation, accurate derivation of small molecule force field parameters from quantum mechanics, and calculation of small molecule potency using FEP. The platform also makes it easy to derive dynamic molecular rationales for why some compounds are more potent than others through a powerful data analysis interface that combines computational and experimental data organized intelligently as part of project datasets. The proprietary FEP workflow has been thoroughly validated through multiple benchmark datasets and client projects, achieving an average accuracy of 1 kcal/mol mean unsigned error or less relative to experiment. Additional features, including tools for generative design and billion-level virtual high throughput screening, will be available soon in future versions of TandemViz.