Fully Integrated Wet Labs

TandemAI has designed and built fully operational, large-scale and highly efficient wet lab operations from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with our proprietary AI and physics-based computational tools. Our iterative wet lab process enables us to repeatedly make and test compounds and provide structural and biophysical data to feed into our computational predictions, providing an accurate and efficient turnkey drug discovery solution for our clients.

Made to Measure

Our massive wet lab enables TandemAI to synthesize small molecules and test properties like binding affinity to determine the accuracy of our in silico predictions. We can then integrate this wet lab data back into our in silico platform and perform sequential rounds of computation to optimize future platform predictions. By repeatedly combining predictive data from our computation platform with experimental data revealed in our integrated wet lab, our iterative “dry/wet” cycles seamlessly inform and optimize the accuracy of our platform. At each step of the process, TandemAI refines our proprietary forcefield engine, efficient user interface (UI), and data management tools to provide a virtuous cycle of increasing value to our clients.